Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Wanna See That: v1.3 coming soon

I am working on one last function for v1.3.  Keep an eye out for it to hit the market tomorrow.  Updates in version 1.3 include:

  1. Ability to check off (watch) movies
  2. Update movie info
You can now long-click a movie from the home screen to get new options.

In the next few versions, I will be adding user preferences including sorting capability based on release date, alphabetical, or rating.  I also want to add the capability to view movie lists such as watched, unwatched, or all.  I will also try to take care of some of the random errors I see come in via error reports.  I think things should get pretty interesting in the coming weeks.

On a side note, I am still seeing some error come in from version 1.0, which any user that jumped on board that early knows, didn't work at all.  I think I got another 1 star review because of this.  I'm not sure how people are still getting it but please make sure you are on the most current version before commenting that it doesn't work.  As always, if you notice any error please let me know and I will work to resolve them.

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