Saturday, March 5, 2011


This blog is dedicated to the many DIY projects I start and sometimes finish in my own free time.  Projects are usually technology related but also include home improvement.

These are some of my past projects:

  • Set up a home web server with Railo and Postgres.
  • Custom circuit design and pcb population
  • Home automation
  • Installing wood floors
  • Tiling and countertops
As you can see, the projects cover a wide range.  I will be using this blog to record some of what I do for my projects.  If I revisit any of my past projects, I will try my best to write down what I've done but feel free to ask any questions about them and I'll try to answer.  Otherwise, I'll just write about whatever project I'm doing at the time.

Some of the stuff you will be seeing in the near future
  • Android applications
    • How to get started
    • How to get it out there for people to download/buy
    • How to add ads to your applications
  • Designing and installing a yard shed
More coming soon!

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